About Capriotti Finish Carpentry

Our finish carpenters are experienced and talented craftsmen, who take great pride in creating high quality work that showcases their skills, hard work and dedication. The caliber of the work can be seen in the fine details, whether it’s in the construction of a mantel, the preciseness of a baseboard trimming, or the flawlessness of his built-in wall units.

Dedicated professionals

Capriotti Finish Carpentry's priority is to understand and meet the customer’s needs to the best of our ability. To achieve this, we work hard to maintain open, clear communication with customers, while remaining flexible and responsive to changing circumstances and environments. That is why our customers can expect personalized, professional service delivered in a courteous, respectful and timely manner.

High standards of excellence

Among the contractors, designers and private homeowners with whom we have worked with, Capriotti Finish Carpentry has a reputation for not only getting the job done on time, but for exceeding all expectations of excellence, from which we gain deep satisfaction.